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The previous month has seen this family battle many things.  The one thing I haven’t been pleased about, however, is the bugs!  Boy brought lice home from school one fine autumn day.  Thankfully, with his hair being so light, it was easy to see the bugs.  However, suffering from insectophobia as I do, I wasn’t at all happy.  I did my best to handle the situation.  I bought two different OTC lice treatments and some nit combs and treated his head.  Then we put all his stuffed animals into a bag and put them in the shed out back, washed all his clothes and his bed linens in hot water and dried them in a hot drier and retreated him the following week, after which he had a very short haircut (1/4”).

After that, I did my best not to itch.  Just the thought of bugs in your hair makes my skin crawl.  Unfortunately, the following week, as I was doing my scripture study, I felt something scamper across my scalp.  I FREAKED OUT!  I immediately went in and washed my hair in the hottest water I could stand, then applied one of the remaining lice treatments to my hair.  When I went to comb it out, I found two little, bitty bugs.  I FREAKED OUT HARDER!  I started combing so hard, that I scratch-bruised myself with the nit comb.  Finally, I asked jak to comb my hair for me because all of my flailing was only making my hair, which is over a foot long and very dark, get more tangled.  After jak had my hair all combed out and all the eggs removed, I called a beauty salon about getting my hair cut.  Integrity forced me to admit that I had just treated myself for lice.  Naturally, they said they couldn’t take a chance and to call again when I was certain I was louse free (louse is singular, lice is plural, like mouse and mice).  I also learned that beauty salons which get infected with lice can be shut down by the health department.  I briefly contemplated calling another place and conveniently omitting the part about the lice until I had my hair cut, but I couldn’t do it.   It didn’t feel right to me to force a business to face the possibility of shutting down just so that I could have my hair cut. 

Anyway, I treated myself again last night, because my scalp was still itching up a storm.  So, if there were any eggs that got missed in the previous purge, their inhabitants got killed.  jak, of course, says that I may not have to get my hair cut now.  Unfortunately, however, I am still going to get it cut so that, A) I don’t use as much shampoo, B) if I ever get lice again, it won’t be that hard to comb out my hair and, C) as a sign of my commitment to changing my attitude and losing weight.

So, Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  In honor of it being Thanksgiving, this week and next on blogger, I’ll be posting a list of ten blessings.  Be sure to check that out!