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jak and I returned to our local temple today.  I really enjoyed this.  It was almost like having a date.  I haven’t been to the temple in over a year and it felt good to finally be able to go back.  It’s been even longer since jak and I have been there as a couple.  Why haven’t I been to the temple in over a year?  One word: kids.  Check this out!  jak picked me up at Boy’s school at 8:41 AM.  We arrived at the temple just after nine and weren’t out again until nearly twelve thirty.  Previous to this, Boy was in school for half-days and I needed to meet his bus at 11:30.  So, for the past more than a year I have been unable to visit the temple because I needed to be there for my son.  Now Boy is in school full-time so I could actually afford the time it took to go and come back, plus we were able to celebrate with a little salad and pizza.  It was a wonderful experience and I’m particularly grateful that my husband, jak was there to share it with me.  I made another appointment for the same time next week and a back-up appointment for eleven o’clock instead, in case jak has a bad night and can’t make it.    So, now I’m firmly committed to Temple Tuesdays.  It feels great to be in there doing the work again.