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Dear Idiot in the pickup truck,

How are you?  I hope you got where you were going safely and without being caught by the police which, if they had been watching when you nearly sideswiped me on Ely Street today, they would have.  I can’t imagine what was on your mind, but I’ll bet it wasn’t the local traffic.  I was driving the speed-limit and my headlights were on, so the fact that I nearly rear-ended you wouldn’t have been my fault.  You are so lucky that I saw you before I could have hit you!  You are so lucky that my brakes were better than your sense!  In my opinion, people like you shouldn’t be allowed to drive.  You’re a menace to responsible drivers, an accident waiting to happen.  To say I’m angry is putting it mildly.  I hope you didn’t have any kids in the car with you.

Then again, if you had a reasonable emergency, I retract all of this bile and hope you got where you needed to be safely. :-/

Sincerely, the gal in the white Honda Civic.