Hello dear readers, this is jak, and I’m pinch-hitting this post so Cimmy can keep up with the blogging schedule, although I’m about two days late.

I rather like the format of Cimmy’s last family news post, so I’ll stick with it, more or less, and go from youngest to oldest.

Let me say first, that we’ve had to prod the kids’ pediatrician for both of them, for similar reasons.  I’ll get to that in a minute, so for now, here’s the news as follows:

Boy: There’s a reason why my father also dubs him “Cement Head”, and it’s that he’s quite physical when he’s excited or stressed.  He’s known to head-butt, tackle, and body slam when he wants attention.  Wednesday he got poor marks for behavior at school for lack of respect for personal space and boundaries.  I think he’s stressed that he hasn’t had a caregiver for about a week and a half.  The agency we were with had suspended services trying to figure out the latest turnover.  I had Cimmy call up state social services and Boy’s case worker decided to call on a different agency.  A few days ago, I scheduled an intake appointment with the new agency on Friday, so hopefully care services will resume next week.

We are also trying to put pressure on Boy’s pediatrician to get him started on stimulant medication for ADHD.  I know some believe it is overprescribed, but I think it’s appropriate when his classroom teacher, his Sunday School teacher, and the specialist doctor that formally diagnosed him with autism all believe this is appropriate, as do Cimmy and I.  We did some minor testing of our own– we gave him cola to see if he would respond positively to caffeine– and it did seem to calm him down.

Princess: Princess has the same pediatrician; she was actually referred first specifically for ADD (yeah, no H, no hyperactivity).  Doc T. thought it would be a good idea to take her off her meds for a month as she was doing well, and see if she still needed them.  Poor dear got in trouble at school for not paying attention (detention was involved) two weeks in and so Cimmy took her in Tuesday to have meds resumed.  Understand, this is a decision Princess also made herself– as I have been messed up by psych med choices, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Otherwise Princess is still doing great at a wonderful middle school with teachers that care (so unlike last year).

jaklumen:  I’m still in horrible pain!  (Is that any surprise?)  Wednesday I asked my father to take me in to see the pain doc because I hurt too bad to drive right then.  We got a lot more information about the spinal cord stimulation device implant– a few more technical details than what I got from a churchmate and from the manufacturer’s information kit.  Personally, I think it will happen, although I still need to pass a psychological evaluation.

I didn’t make salsa verde, by the way, but a few weeks ago, I did make a little jelly from the wine grapes we juiced.  There was a LOT more than just ten gallons, but I managed with a help of a good friend, and some supplies from my father (which especially were needed right when he brought them).

Cimmorene:  Poor Cimmy is tired all the time, much of it from being stressed out.  The men in her family drain her a lot, and yes, I’m talking about Boy, and I’m talking about me.  As I am writing this, she is fast asleep as of about two hours ago.