You may have noticed the lateness of my Monday post to Tumblr last night.  Most of the family spent the better part of yesterday in Yakima at a place called Children’s Village.  The place is huge on the outside and resembles nothing so much as a big ship on a sea of imagination.  Inside, the front desk is a covered wagon and there are places all over for children to play.  Boy was instantly enchanted.  When the time came for Boy to be examined, we were taken down a hallway that looked like a little town, a Children’s Village complete with trees and signs.  I imagine they were signs from all the companies that contributed to the building of the facility.  We went in a door and Boy was weighed and measured.  They brought us out and into an exam room where his heart rate was checked and his blood pressure.  Then we were left alone for a while until the nurse practitioner joined us.  She asked Boy any number of questions, only a few of which he was able to answer without being prompted.  Then she checked his reflexes and his stomach and sent him to the play area where some educators were and asked jak and I a fair number of questions, not one of which I can remember.  After that, she left to watch Boy for a while.  When she returned she said she was convinced that Boy has autism.  She instructed us to make sure Boy’s ADD evaluation is completed and to obtain an MRI of his head to make certain nothing else is being affected.  Needless to say, when we finished, Boy didn’t want to leave.  We’re set for a follow-up appointment in February.

Previous to this, we spent some time at my parent’s house.  My mother took us to Albertson’s to purchase some Thanksgiving dinner supplies.  Boy did his best to help.  However, when it came to bagging, I had to get creative and help him understand that the bagger had a specific method she was using and didn’t need his help.

Princess, for her part, didn’t get to come on this little expedition as it happened on a school day.  She wanted to come, but we disallowed it because she’d had to be yanked from school previously for a doctor’s appointment.  Instead, she got to spend some time with my in-laws and their cat. 

The drive home was uneventful. We met Princess and my in-laws at Chico’s Tacos back home for dinner and everyone was tired and grouchy and we all went to bed early.  Guess what!  We get to do this again in mid-February.  Yay. (unenthusiastic cheering.)