Everyone has new news this week.  So we’ll be going over things person by person, youngest to oldest.

Boy:  For Boy, this month has been a month of changes.  As you may or may not know, Boy is in first grade now, although he still attends school in the autism closed classroom.  This month he moved from half day classes to full day classes.  The first week, I had to pick him up in the car.  Yesterday, though, he returned to riding the bus.  During the month he had half day classes, they delivered him to his door.  Now we’re back to picking him up at the corner.  Also, his usual caregiver, Miss H, who is pregnant, was put on bed rest by her doctor.  So we are once again doing the caregiver shuffle.  No idea how long it will be until we have a permanent caregiver again or if we’ll just have to keep getting substitutes until Miss H finally gives birth.  Either way, it’s frustrating.  I know we sometimes have to play the hand we are dealt, but that’s hard when you have a hand full of junk cards.

Princess:  Princess is really into Minecraft this year.  She’s even contemplating dressing up as a “creeper” for Halloween.  School is going very well for her.  She is staying on top of her homework with little or no prodding from her father and I.  I should mention that school is much less stressful now than it was when she was in KOG.  Her previous teacher, Mrs. D, was much more strict and hardline than Princess’ current lineup of teachers are.  We met with them last month and they all seemed eager to do everything they could do help her do well in school.  I should also mention that she is playing trumpet in band this year and has made a friend there.

jaklumen: jak is still in lots of pain.  However, he is still determined to do all he can for us.  Thanks to his sister, Jenny, we were able to get about fifty gallons of fresh grapes so sweet that the kids said they tasted like cherries.  jak and I spent the better part of today juicing about ten gallons of it.  Soon a wealth of green tomatoes and tomatillos will be ready to harvest and jak plans to make salsa verde.  He’s really thrilled with how well the crop has done this year.  With all the grapes still needing to be juiced and all the tomatoes and tomatillos needing to be harvested, we’re definitely going to need to get our hands on more jars and bottles.

Cimmy:  I am just struggling to keep up with everything that’s going on.  With six blogs to keep up with, a house full of work to do, and two highly active children to take care of and raise, I’m just really stressed out.  I know many of you will say I should drop one or two things. With that in mind, I’ve rearranged my writing schedule so that I can still keep up with all my blogs and give you all everything you deserve from me. 

Monday: I’ll be reviewing a new book at Cimmy’s Library, my blog at Tumblr. 

Tuesday: I’ll write some kind of update on how the family is doing here on this blog. 

Wednesday: I’ll post another experiment on Falling in Love With Myself, one of my Blogger blogs.

Thursday: Either jak or I will post something new on our Journal Jar blog, here on WordPress.

Friday: I’ll post a story or a completed writing exercise on Cimmy’s Stories, also here on WordPress.

Saturday: I’ll take a day off.  Much as I love writing, even I need a day off sometimes.  Remember, I’m trying to relieve some stress.

Sunday: I’ll begin the following week by analyzing a chapter in the Standard Works in Scriptures Alive.

Well, that’s all from Dragon’s Lair.  I’ll try to set up my blog roll so that the schedule is easy to follow.  In the meantime, see you tomorrow on Blogger and back here again next Tuesday.