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I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with me or not.  I used to spend as much of my time as I could on this computer writing for my blogs.  Lately, doing that has become something of a struggle.  What with housework that keeps needing to be done over and over and my son with autism who seems to always need my attention.  My therapist, however, seemed to think it was important to write, if for no other reason than just to have a creative outlet.  So, beginning today, I will be writing to one of six blogs at least once a week.  Yes, I know.  Glutton for punishment and all that.  Funny thing.  To me, writing doesn’t seem like a punishment.  It’s more of a luxury I just don’t seem to have time for.  Anyway, I’ll try to keep you posted on what’s going on back here.  The kids are all off to school again.  Not today, of course, it being Professional Day, but they’ll return on Monday and the odds are pretty good that I’ll be required to make them do some form of work today.

I don’t like this part of being a parent.  I would rather just play with them or something like that than demand that they work.  It’s frustrating having to teach them the value of work.  They are very strong willed.  I’m strong willed too, but I don’t like confrontation.  I like it even less than jak does.  Sometimes I think I must be the meanest mom in the world.  Then I remember that it’s the mean moms who turn out happy, well educated children.

Maybe it’s just depression again, in which case, I should probably see a psychiatrist and get medicated again.  Ugh.  I don’t like being medicated.  More later.