I apologize for the length of time it’s been since I wrote.  The kids went back to school at the end of last month and we did our usual tradition.  Each kid received a father’s blessing and, this year, we chose a family theme. 

Jak is still suffering from sciatica.  His doctors think this is the result of a badly healed scar.  I’m skeptical.  In any case, it has him very grouchy, particularly when the weather is nasty, like earlier this week when a series of thunderstorms blew through.  Along with the exacerbation of jak’s pain, we also had a number of brownouts followed by a half-hour blackout at around midnight, during which none of us, with the exception of Boy, were able to sleep.  One of the birch trees across the street from us experienced a lightning strike, but it didn’t start a fire because the tree was so soaked with water.  Needless to say, jak was unable to sleep during that time because his sleep apnea requires the use of a titration device, which requires electricity.  No electricity = No titration device.  No titration device = jak can’t sleep.

Princess has started middle school this year.  She has chosen to take band this year and is playing the trumpet.  She has also made a new friend there which, she predicts, may keep her playing the trumpet for a while.  She also has her very first locker.  In an attempt to help her keep hers organized, I bought her a locker organizer kit which has a foldable shelf and magnetic items, such as a mirror, a pencil pocket and a dry erase board, that she can stick to her locker door.  An interesting point here is that Princess doesn’t have much in the way of school textbooks to lug around this year.  Most of them are online. So the teachers don’t have to check their books out.  Also, I have been invited, later in the year, to come tell stories in her social studies ancient history class.

Boy has been advanced to first grade but, according to his teacher, is only at about mid-kindergarten level.  They have decided to do his re-evaluations early this year, so as to know what all he’s lost over the summer and how he’s doing and what he needs in order to progress.  His school building was recently updated and I’m pleased that it’s within walking distance.  So every week day I walk him to school and he gets to play in the playground until first bell rings, when we go and line up by the fence and wait for the para-educator to come and get him.  He comes home by bus and, peculiarly, the bus brings him right to our front door.  I’m grateful for that. 

As for me, I’m getting back into the Writing Thing and trying to continue with the Weight-Loss Issue.