Hey, Dragon lovers, this morning, I’m up early because  I have surgery in about an hour to remove a number of suspicious looking clumps.  My mother-in-law saw one of them and insisted I speak to my doctor about them.  My doctor, Dr. T, took a look and sent me to a surgeon to have them looked at.  The surgeon, Dr. C, measured them all and asked if I wanted to have them removed or just try to lose weight in the hope that they would just go away.  I decided that, provided insurance would cover it, to go for the surgery.  As you may have guessed, insurance said “yes.” So, I’m headed in this morning to have those suspicious clumps out.

More later.

UPDATE: The surgery was successful.  Six masses were removed and sent to pathology.  Apart from being very sore right around my waist, I seem to be pretty much okay.