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If you look at the area just beneath my Gravatar, you’ll notice a fun little counter.  I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and get fit.  My younger sister is helping me stay honest and stick with it.  She’s a real trooper and I appreciate all her help especially as she’s managed to lose a sizable amount already (to the point where her pants are loose!).  Anyway, we’ve promised to keep up with each other on this website we found called myfitnesspal.com.  With it, you keep track of what you eat and how many calories it contains.  You also keep track of whatever exercise you did and how many calories you burned off.  You can also enter your own food and exercises if they’re not on the database.  Another great thing about this is that it offers you a place to keep track of how much weight you took off and, with the counter to the right of this posting, beneath my Gravatar, brag about it to other people.  So, as the days go by, you may see the number in that little square go up.  That means I’ve lost some more weight.  In the interest of keeping myself honest, and to claim bragging rights, I will try to post progress pictures on a monthly basis.  New pictures will go up at the beginning of every month.  That means you’ll see the first picture on July first.  I’m looking forward to seeing the change myself just as much as I’m looking forward to showing it off to you.