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Technically, the above title could be highly misleading, so I feel a distinct need to clarify.

First of all, “Victory” stands for Victoria’s College of Cosmetology.  They give haircuts for five dollars a cut that include a free hair washing and only three dollars extra for a style. “Hairy Tales” means Princess and I needed to get several hairs cut so we opted to make an appointment for the previous Saturday morning.  I wish I had pictures, but let us say that things went well.  I only really had to have about half an inch taken off the ends, then, because Princess had asked to have her hair curled, I asked to have mine straightened.  Princess wasn’t happy because the curl fell out of her hair almost immediately.  Whereas mine stayed straight for hours afterward and is still more or less straight now.

Second, the word “Hairy” could mean complicated, like the recipe for crepes, which I successfully made for my Crepes a la Cimmyfamily for dinner last night along with a side of bacon.  Thankfully, I “did” get pictures of that.  I whipped up the batter at about noon and left it in the fridge to rest until dinner time (as suggested by the recipe).  I had planned to make two different kinds, one savory, with sausage or bacon and applesauce, and one sweet.  I was voted down.  We only did the sweet version.  So I used sliced strawberries and Nutella® for the filling.  When the crepes were all made, I spread some Nutella® on each one, followed by a layer of sweetened sliced strawberries.  Then I folded them into thirds and ran some Nutella® and strawberries along their backs.  Add bacon and, voila! Victory is served!  Let me know if you want the recipe.  I found it in the Joy of Cooking.  We don’t have a dedicated crepe pan either, per se.  So I used our Orgreenic® pan.  You can usually tell when crepes are done with this pan because they release themselves and can be flipped without a spatula, if you feel like trying that.  Orgeenic® says their pans don’t require lots of grease to make this happen, so I only sprayed the pan once and kept the temperature at medium.

On a side note, we ended up having to bring Boy along with us to our hair appointment at Victoria’s, which Princess tells me is the “Tales” part, spelled, possibly, with an A and an I (tails).  Jak was sleeping or I would have left him behind, mainly because he is so quickly bored when people aren’t paying attention to him, not that I blame him.  I’m easily bored, too, if I’m not the center of attention.  Heck!  I’m easily bored if I am the center of attention.  Anyway, he was pretty well behaved for the situation and we all did our best to keep him entertained until the hairs were all sufficiently cut and styled.  In the end, I had to dig out a note pad and pencil for him to draw on.

So, there you are.  Hairy Tales of Victory, now completely explained.  I’ll try to write some more about what’s going on here at the Lair tonight.  Peace!