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I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while.  I’ve been busy at home with one thing and another.  The main thing I’ve been busy with has been figuring out how I can get the housework done and still have time on my computer. First off, when I’m working, I’m not bored.  My mind is completely on my task.  However, after a while, my back starts screaming bloody murder and I have to stop.  However, I can’t just sit and wait for my back to unkink because I’m very easily bored.  So I found a game on Armor Games titled Cursed Treasure 2 that, on my system, takes its time.  So I don’t have to watch it constantly and I can actually get something done while I play.  The result, of course, is that the living and family rooms are clean, as well as the hall way, the bathroom and the kitchen floor.  I feel very good knowing that things are clean and, if I have my way, which I will this time, will stay that way. 

Yesterday, however, when I expected to be putting this new strategy into practice, we decided to work on the garden instead.  So, no dishes got done at all, but we made significant progress on getting the garden set up.  Another plus.

Finally, on the subject of Journals, I showed my daughter, who will be eleven next month, my old Journal-in-a-Notebook.  It’s just an old Trapper Keeper filled with notebook paper, on which I have written.  Then I gifted her with her own journal.  She has been writing in it because she would like to be a writer and good practice for writing is journaling.  I also bought a new journal for myself.  I bought some stickers to put on it, as well:  a set of clockwork owls and some glittery silver letters.  Having all three owls on the book made it feel too cluttered, so I peeled two of them off and we put them on my daughter’s new journal.  Since the cover of hers was a riot of green, orange and purple floral design, the owls actually made it seem less cluttered.  I was especially taken by the clasp on my new journal, which reminds me of one of those old style bathroom spigots that looks like a cross.  Anyway, as I, too, would like to, one day, make money as a writer, I expect you will probably be seeing much more of me.  Let’s hope.