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When I joined Google+, I didn’t find out that members get their own free web log until just recently.  So I had this extra blog I wasn’t using and I needed an excuse to do scripture study every day.  That’s how Scriptures Alive was born.

Thus far, the blog has eight entries, one of which was the blog’s intro, two for the introductory material to the Book of Mormon and five for the first five chapters of the book.  Anyway, there’s a good chance, if I fail to write here or in my story blog, that’s probably where I’m writing.    Feel free to click on the above link and check it out, bearing in mind, of course, that this blog has a very Mormon feel to it, since I’m a Mormon.  So, if you have anything against Mormons, please bear in mind that I’m not the voice of authority.  I’m just one member who’s trying to keep the commandments as closely as she can.