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As I’m sure you’re aware, if you know me at all, I’ve often been rather hypercritical of myself.  However, yesterday, a friend of mine said something to me that made me think hard about that.

Being critical of yourself is akin to being critical of a symphony composed by God.  You are just playing the symphony.  Since you didn’t write you, and you are still learning to play you, you certainly aren’t expected to do so perfectly.

When my friend said this, it made me think about all the mean things I’ve said to myself.  So, today, the ten things I give you are ten things about my body, something I’ve often been critical of, and my habits, something I’m always critical of.  Bear in mind, people, this isn’t bragging.  It’s fact, pure and simple.   Also, if I’m repeating anything, understand that it’s necessary.

  1. My eyes.  They’re large for my face and give me a young and innocent look that many women have to use make up to counterfeit.
  2. My smile.  It’s always genuine.  Whenever I smile, which I do often, I smile with my whole face.
  3. My skin.  When I was a pre-teen my dad convinced me to take better care of the skin on my face by pointing out, truthfully enough, that I had a complexion that fashion models would kill to get.  I don’t often have more than one or two pimples on my face at a time.  If I wash my face regularly, they don’t happen very often at all. 
  4. My body.  Even considering that I weigh too much for my height, that weight is relatively evenly placed.
  5. My hips.  Nice, wide, childbearing hips.  Even considering I only have two children, one of which was born via caesarean section, the only thing that prevented that child from being born the natural way was the size and hardness of his little head.
  6. My integrity.  I live my beliefs.  If I truly believe it, you’ll see me living it.
  7. My sense of friendship.  I’m friendly to everyone, or try to be. 
  8. My loyalty.  When I’m friends with someone, unless they prove to me that they aren’t worthy of that precious gift, I stay friends with them. 
  9. My motherhood.  I do my best to teach my children how to move around in today’s world and to put their hands into those of the Lord. 
  10. My spirituality.  I call the Lord my good friend with confidence and I try to maintain that relationship.

Now, bearing in mind that none of these things are perfect, remember what I said earlier about playing the symphony of my life composed for me by God.  I’m still learning and practicing it and the composer doesn’t expect me to be perfect, yet.  He only expects me to practice.