The Middle Ages: BOOOO to BOOOOOOS.

This post at the Middle Ages caught my attention.  Though I’m not a fan, as such, of Justin Bieber and I have been guilty of making fun of him a time or two, I don’t think I could ever “Boo” at him.  After all, he’s just a young man trying to use his talent in the best way he knows how.  So what if his music isn’t my thing. It’s somebody’s.  I’ve spoken to my Dad about something similar to this.  He says, during the time when Elvis was popular, he and his buddies used to refer to the man as Elvis the Pelvis.  None of them would have stooped to “booing” at him if he turned up for a sports event, though, as Mr. Bieber did.  For crying out loud!

Similar things happened with Rebecca Black!  She’s got a good voice!  It’s not her fault that the auto-tuning done by the company her parents hired made her voice sound nasally.  It’s not her fault that the company provided her with a song to sing that was basically geared toward preschoolers and chronically stupid people.   All that said, people were unnecessarily rotten to her.  She got thousands of horrible comments, some of which I read, and many of which urged her to kill herself or said she should die because her song was so terrible.  IT WASN’T HER FAULT, PEOPLE!

Why are people like that?  Such behavior isn’t just impolite, it’s immature!  I know I’m probably asking for it by allowing myself to rant about this.  I don’t care.  Internet anonymity or not, that isn’t an excuse to act like school yard bullies just because you don’t like something.

Am I wrong?  Am I right? Don’t just lurk!  Let your voic be heard on this subject! Give me a response in the comments below or reblog this post to your own blog.  Let’s tell the world that behavior like this isn’t okay!