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Make-up by BoyToday, something happened that I wasn’t really expecting.  When Boy came home from school, I fixed his lunch, then I sat down to play Jacksmith on MoFunZone.  Meanwhile, Boy, bored, managed to get his hands on a paintbrush and the leftovers from the make-up session on Saturday and began to apply it to my right cheek.  Needless to say, my usual reaction to this kind of thing would be to freak out.  However, I felt inspired to calmly say “yes.”  Children Boy’s age and with Boy’s difficulties hear “yes,” so infrequently, that it’s a real crime sometimes.  In any case, I thought, there’s nothing he can do to my skin that won’t wash off.

“Do you want to paint my face?” I asked.

“Yeah!” said he.

“Bring me the make-up case,” I suggested.

He eagerly left and ran back with the case in his hands.  I put my hair up and he smilingly began painting me.  I helped when the paint ran out by digging out the tubes of paint and refilling the paint pallet I bought for that.  I even took my shirt off so that he would have a larger “canvas” to work with.  Anyway, we refilled that pallet no less than three times before I finally had to draw the line.  It took a hot shower, soap and shampoo (some make-up got into my hair) to get all that paint off me.  Then, because my face still felt greasy, I washed it again with Noxzema and cold water.  My feeling, regarding the session, which looks horrendous, was that I was encouraging my son’s creative spirit.

Savory Hand PiesLater, at Jak’s suggestion, we dug out a container of 5-Way Beef Mix and Jak made me some pizza dough.  Then I divided the dough into eight balls, flattened them into six-inch rounds, pricked them with a fork and filled them with mix.  Then I anointed the edges with egg wash (1 egg and a tbsp of oil) folded them over and sealed them with a fork.  The results were brushed with more egg wash and baked in a 350 degree (Fahrenheit) oven for 20-25 minutes until they were golden brown.  As you see, the results were actually quite lovely.  The family’s reaction went something like this.

Jak:  I always knew you could do it.

Princess: (muffled in crust) Moar!

Boy: (no comment.  Too busy eating.)

Cimmorene: These turned out pretty good!

So, today has been a day of artistic adventure, whether it was the art of make-up or the culinary arts or even the art of parenting.  All in all, an excellent day.