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This is an exercise in positive thinking recommended by my husband and a friend of mine.  The idea is to try to come up with ten positive things about myself during the day and write them down so that I can look back at them later when I’m feeling low.  In addition to giving the ten things I will also provide as much explanation as I can.

  1. I’m tenacious.  I’ve never believed in giving up.  I thank my father for teaching me to consider any idea before I attempt it and never to believe that a single failure meant it was time to give up.  Once I decide to do something, though, no matter how difficult it might seem, I don’t stop working on it until I’m finished.
  2. I’m always sexually available to my husband. I decided long before I ever got married that if my husband ever asked me for sex, I would never say no.  I’d read and heard stories about women who would hold sex over their husbands’ heads in order to get what they wanted.  I never thought that such blackmail was right.  It was no wonder to me that such marriages never seemed to last long.  I’ve never regretted this marital policy.  Even when I haven’t been in the mood at first, I’ve always either gotten into the mood or had fun trying.  This, I’ve come to believe, is one of many reasons why my marriage still works even after nearly fourteen years.
  3. I can follow a recipe well enough to make decent tasting food.  I give my mother most of the credit for this one.  Mom taught me that before I start experimenting with a recipe, I should first make it according to the directions.  Once I’ve done that and understand how the recipe works, I can then fiddle with it a little bit and come up with tasty alternatives people will probably eat.
  4. I can create a decent one skillet dinner with leftovers and/or incidental stuff I find in the pantry.  I thank my mom for this one, too.  All I need to make a decent dinner is some form of meat, a can or two of creamed soup, possibly a can of vegetables (cut green beans or sweet corn are preferable), and a package of egg noodles or cooked rice.  Who needs hamburger helper.
  5. I am honest.  This was one that both my parents had a hand in.  Dad taught me that honesty doesn’t just mean telling the truth.  The root word of “honest” is “honor.”  That being the case, in the name of being honest, I live as close to my values as I can and stick to the code of honor my father helped me develop by his example.  Mom encouraged this by consistently expressing her admiration for my sense of integrity.
  6. I have a close relationship with God.  I’m not sure who else to give the credit for this one to except God, himself.  He’s spent so much time teaching me to trust Him.  I can’t help but feel that I owe Him my loyalty and love in the way an honorable knight gives his loyalty to his liege lord. 
  7. I never hesitate to learn something new.  My mother taught me never to turn my nose up at food I’ve never tasted.  My father taught me to constantly ask questions and figure out ways to get the answers.  One of my favorite grandfather’s favorite phrases was, “A day in which you learn something new is a day not entirely wasted.”  These all go together and create the solid belief that if there’s something new that I can benefit by learning, I shouldn’t hesitate to try to learn it.
  8. I’m creative.  My family is constantly pointing at this where I’m concerned.  I’m not just talking about my stories either.  Every year, I do something make-up related for Halloween.  I’m beginning to think I should start offering to paint faces.  I also draw, sculpt and took a theater arts course in costume.
  9. I have a decent understanding of men.  This is something that I know lots of women would do unspeakable things to gain.  Of course, I can’t claim to know everything there is to know about men, not being one myself.  Still, I feel blessed in that I understand a good deal more than most women can claim.
  10. I am a true and loyal friend.  I generally make friends pretty easily.  However, past experience has taught me caution, so I’m careful in whom I allow to be close.  My nature leads me to choose people as my intimate friends who willingly support me in my values and my dreams.  I once heard that a true friend is one who knows everything there is to know about you and likes you anyway.  Whatever level of friend you are to me, whether simple acquaintance or bosom companion, you know you can count on me to be there for you if you need me and there’s anything my gifts and talents can provide to you.  I won’t desert you when times are tough and I won’t believe the worst of you unless and until it’s proven to me.  To me, the word “friend” is more than just a six-letter word; it’s a way of life.  You can count on me not to withhold my honest opinion from you if that’s what’s needed, too.  I’ve always thought a loyal friend was one that told his chum if an idea was “stupid” in some way, even if that opinion was likely to make that friend angry.

Well, that’s my ten for the day and now you know more about me than I’ve ever shared on the internet.  Until next time.