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My laptop took something of a bath two or three days ago, so I’m having to make use of the desktop computer whenever it’s free, which generally means when Jak’s asleep.

I feel blessed, however, to note that many of the functions my laptop could perform are available on the internet via Google.  Setting up my e-mail account on this machine wasn’t terribly difficult, either.  Of course, both Jak and I have hopes that my lappy hasn’t been killed outright.  I’m giving it about a week to completely dry out before I plug it back in and try to power it up again.

Anyway, I hope to be able to continue writing in both my blogs.  I hope to put up a new entry soon in Cimmy’s Stories.  For now, though, I’ll try to give you a running update on  how things are going.

As for the title of this particular entry, it comes from an old poem, whose author I don’t know.  My mother used to quote it to me whenever I wondered why I couldn’t have new things.

“Use it up. Wear it out.  Make it do, or do without.”


I think Princess got tired of not getting enough time on the desktop computer so, while I was writing this entry, she was in my room reassembling my lappy.  Then, as I was playing a video game, which, by the way, plays about ten times as well as it does on my laptop, she ran up with it and said, “It works!”  So I had her plug it in and here I am giving you all the news.  Of course, the “e” key isn’t as responsive as it might be, but one can’t have everything.