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Cover of "The Wild Little Horse"

Cover of The Wild Little Horse

School starts tomorrow here.  So, in the spirit of getting the kids ready for the Big Day, I got Boy up at about 6:15 and, once he’d awakened completely, ran through his morning routine:  Use the toilet, Wash hands, Wash face, Brush Teeth, Brush Hair, Get Dressed (including socks and sneakers), locate backpack and jacket.  Then we cuddled for a while.  Boy was extra excited.  Since he still has difficulty remembering the difference between past, present and future, he thought we were going to meet the bus today.  So I had to show him the calendar where we were marking off the days in crayon.  At seven, I got Princess up, reminding her that tomorrow is a school day and that she should get up and dress as if she was going to meet the bus.  Afterward, I promised the kids that I would buy dough-nuts.  I told princess she had until 7:40 AM by her alarm clock to meet us at the corner where we expect Boy to catch his bus.  Boy and I brought along a book of his entitled “The Wild Little Horse” by Rita Gray and we were part way through a reading of this book when Princess joined us.  Then we waited until 7:40, by which time we expect Boy will have been retrieved by his bus driver, and we all went back home, piled into the car and went to Walmart (yes, I know, not the best dough-nuts in the world), and bought dough-nuts and some other things for the kids and for myself.

Afterward, I had my hands full making certain that the kids’ school meals could be handled, that Boy could meet his new teacher and that she would know what to expect from him and other things of more or less equal importance.  Afterward, I replaced the curtain rod in the family room.  Oddly enough, it’s been sagging a bit on my side of the rod (my hypothesis is that the cause of this is Boy twisting himself up in the curtains), so jak bought me a new, sturdier rod and I spent the better part of half an hour installing it.  So, now the curtain rod is straight and, hopefully, will remain so for quite some time to come.

Anyway, tomorrow, we do the whole thing again, but in earnest this time.  Both kids will get up and catch busses and I will have 3-4 hours all to myself for the cleaning of house and, ahem, other important things.  I’m told that, should Boy prove, in three weeks, that he is capable of handling kindergarten, they may move him to full-day kindergarten, which means that I would have a glorious eight hours in which to do my work and, ahem, you know.

The last thing we did that was school related today was that Princess received her (by now) traditional Back-to-school Father’s blessing.  Boy passed out right around 5:30 PM and didn’t get his.  Oh well.  Bonus points because it’ll probably be lots easier to get him up in the morning and he can get his blessing then, either before or after school, depending.

Anyway, I have an early morning and lots of work waiting for me after the kids are on their respective busses, so I will bid you all a fond good night.  I hope your back to school traditions and routines are as fun as ours are turning out to be.