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Nathgar AnswersThis is Nathgar’s first question and answer session and, of all people, my daughter, Princess, was the first to put forth questions.  So, since I promised to let him have his way with the keyboard, I suppose now is as good a time as any.


Dear Nathgar,

I’m sorry if I’m being a little redundant, but I have some questions about dragons.

  • Why do dragons like riches and shiny things?
  • Do dragons breathe more than fire, and if so what are the different types?
  • Do you think (if there is only you on top of the computer and if Cimmorene or I aren’t playing/working on it) that the top of the computer is boring sometimes?
  • Like some dragons breathe fire, what element do you breathe?




Dear Princess,

I don’t mind a little redundancy.  Sometimes repeating ourselves is the only way to make sure our questions are understood by the person answering them.  Let me see how well I do with your questions.

Just like people, all dragons are different.  Some dragons value riches and shiny objects because they are nice and firm.  Everyone likes to be comfortable when they sleep.  Other dragons value riches and shiny objects for their monetary value.  Those are the dragons that keep their goods in large, well-guarded caves.  Then again, those are the dragons that also have extensive libraries in several languages, as well.  Take Kazul, the dragon in Dealing with Dragons.  She was one such dragon.

Most dragons do  breathe fire.  However, there are a fair number who breathe things like lightning (the Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland, for instance).  There is a vast list of different things that dragons can use as breath weapons in the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual.  However, most dragon experts agree that the one thing all dragons breathe is air.

Yes, sometimes, sitting atop the computer is boring, that’s why I’m doing this question/answer thing.  Mainly, though, when the computer isn’t in use, sitting on top of it gives me almost immediate access to human knowledge that I couldn’t otherwise get unless I lived in a library.

Regarding your last question, I’m sorry to say that, being under a hundred years old, I don’t really have a breath weapon so, at the moment, the only element I breathe is air, though I might do some lasting damage to your nose if I forget to brush my teeth.

Thanks for your questions, Princess.  I hope my answers have helped you understand dragons a little better.


Nathgar the Computer Dragon