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Most of you probably know about Nathgar by now.  For those of you who don’t, he’s that blue guy with wings who’s perched on my head in this picture.  Well, for a little guy, he claims he’s got a fair amount of knowledge about humans and non-humans and he wants to share it with people.  He must be bored from sitting on top of my computer all day every day.

Anyway, if any of you have a question for Nathgar on any subject be it relationships, dragon facts, writing, or whatever, feel free to e-mail them to Nathgar at his e-mail address (yes, he has his own e-mail address) nathgar.dragon@gmail.com.  About once a week, I’ll let him sit at the keyboard and answer you himself.  If nobody wants to ask him a question, I may have to give him one from the paper (Sorry, Dear Abby) but I promise you his answers will be completely unique and not borrowed from anyone either he or I know or have read about (though I may have to help him from time to time).  The number of questions that get answered will most likely depend on how long the questions are and, like Dear Abby, will not use anyone’s real names in re-printed letters so that nobody will know that you wrote the letter unless you tell them.

Anyway, if you’ve heard of anything stranger than a dragon answering questions and giving people advice, let us know, either at Nathgar’s e-mail or in the comments section below.  A dragon wants to become a scaly version of Miss Lonelyhearts?  That’s a new one on me.