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I have been quite busy today, as has my other half.  The result is that my hands and wrists ache and that I’m…very…tired.  Here’s a list of everything I accomplished today.

  • Brought in the paper
  • Did my morning routine (yes, for a depressed person, it’s important to note that I brushed my teeth and washed my face.)
  • Made 2 beds
  • Opened three sets of curtains (the family room ones usually stay closed.)
  • Emptied three garbage cans.
  • Washed whites
  • Folded  and put away two baskets of laundry
  • Washed a further two loads
  • Pulled weeds near the driveway for about an hour and piled them in one spot
  • Watered the garden.
  • Brought Princess her backpack when she forgot it this morning.
  • Watched Boy and made sure he got on and off the bus safely.
  • Freed up some disk space on my computer
  • Ran a back-up of the hard drive
  • Went shopping for supplies for tonight’s dinner.
  • Shredded some cheese
  • Washed the breakfast dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher

I’m still not done.  I’m closer to being caught up with the laundry and I now have 4 lilac bushes on the side of the house that need planting.  Then there’s the dinner dishes to do and the kids’ bedtime routines before they will sleep and, with some amount of luck and a nice hot shower, some play time with my husband, perhaps.  I didn’t get any writing done today but, judging from my list, wouldn’t you say I “deserve” to be tired?

My husband and I are both guilty of this.  We’ll be sick or busy or something and then complain “I don’t deserve to be this tired.”  This time I wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn’t say that.  I ache…so…much.  I probably need a nap but, if I go to sleep now, I won’t wake up until tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I imagine that the majority of the remaining chores beyond what’s necessary (the kid’s bedtime routine, the dishes, my bedtime routine) will probably wait until tomorrow.