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Okay, I’ll admit it!  I’ve been busy with something called “Real Life.”  Perhaps you’ve heard of it.  Sometimes, I lose track of it, too.  It happens.  Anyway, I got back on the stick and, once again, only have the laundry to catch up with.  Everything else is, more or less, done.

I think I’m finally sick of logic puzzles.  In fact, I may be tired of puzzles generally speaking.  So, now I have an empty drawer on my desk.  It had three books of logic puzzles in it (ugh).  So, at jaklumen’s suggestion, I put all three into the recycle bin.  I may repent this decision on another day but I highly doubt it.

In other news, Princess’ tenth birthday is coming up very soon.  I still need to figure out what to give her.  She has more than enough stuffies.  She has two dolls.  Her other relations keep her well stocked with clothing and shoes.  Hmm.  Tough call.  I might consider a book for her or maybe a Lego set.  I don’t know.  What do you give a ten-year-old geek girl for her birthday other than her very own light saber?  Ah, well.  I’ll keep thinking about it.

Sorry, this is so short, folks.  It’s late and my head feels like it’s filled with that fiberfill they use to stuff teddy bears with.  Maybe I’ll have more to write tomorrow.  So, for now, good night.