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About two nights ago, I began having difficulty sleeping due to a nasty sharp pain in my back and side.  All the next day, I was in pain.  Last night, I had more of the same.  This time, at least, I had a single side that I could lay on.  However, this was frustrating because the side I was able to lay on wasn’t my usual side.  So, any time I decided to change sides I had a fresh stab of pain.  This morning, I found that bending was a challenge.  Standing for long periods was okay, but tiring, and sitting made things just a little worse.  When walking, the pain made my breathing feel labored.   Mostly, the pain was just a dull ache.  I also discovered some worrying swellings on either side of my back this morning.  Princess thinks I may have bumped something and bruised myself, but I don’t remember that.  Anyway, about half an hour ago, I took some ibuprofen gel caps and the pain has subsided somewhat

Honestly, though I’m only 43 years old, I’ve never felt more old and decrepit than I have today.  Also, I spent a lot of time thinking that this must be how my husband, who’s been in serious pain for a little over two years, has been feeling lately, which is why I chose the above title.