The above is how you say “Happy Birthday, Cimmy” in Hawaiian.  The main reason for that is that today is my birthday.  I was born forty-three years ago, today.   Much of my birthday seemed to have a sort of Hawaiian theme.  For my birthday dinner, I had home made Hawaiian style pizza with red bell peppers that jak made for me.  For my present, I got two sets of Hawaiian coral beads (necklace and bracelet set) one red and one black, a wooden hair pick with a large Hawaiian flower on it, and a nice Hawaiian print apron to wear in the kitchen (along with $70 to spend at Catherine’s which is a clothing boutique for big girls).  My cake was a cherry cheesecake that I made myself.  Personally, I thought it came out rather grainy, but it’s still very delicious, so it’s not a total loss.  Anyway, every time someone has asked me how old I am today, I have smilingly told them that I am ten.  Honestly, I think that, somewhere inside me, that’s how old my inner child is.  On the whole, I’d say, even considering the wind and the threat of rain today, it’s been a pretty awesome day.  Now, I’m gonna go round things out by allowing my husband to scratch an itch that only he can scratch with any amount of success.  Sleep well.