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You can read here about how my daughter was sick over the weekend with that norovirus that’s going around town.  Now my son has it.  He started to be sick while he was in school, so I had to go and pick him up early.  He threw up a second time almost as soon as I got him home and, afterward, willingly allowed me to undress him, bundle him into a blanket and settle him into a chair near my desk, so that I could make sure he’d make it to the bathroom if he had to puke again, which he did twice.  After the last time, he had a low grade temperature, so I gave him some grape flavored ibuprofen and put him to bed.  As I was doing so, he said softly to me.  “I have birds.”

I replied, “Oh, does it feel like you have birds in your tummy?” 

His rather weak reply was, “Yeah.”

Anyway, he slept right through dinner and right through our Family Night activity.  Then I went and bought him some more sleep pants and got him out of bed to put them on him.  Poor kid had to get up almost immediately after I had him changed and throw up again.  He is NOT happy about this situation at all.  In fact, he said several times as we headed for the bathroom, “I don’t wanna throw up.  I’m tired of throwing up.”  I don’t blame him.  I’m not that fond of throwing up, either.  Still, I’m almost positive that I’m next in line.


Anyway, I think, from now on, that whenever any one of us feels nauseated, we’re probably going to say, “I have birds.”

I do wish that my son wasn’t sick, but I still found the comment, “I have birds,” amusing.  Call me nutty.