I borrowed this from my husband, jaklumen’s blog

Disclaimer:  What he said

Here are the questions:

1. What’s your least favorite food or drink and why?

Uh…hmm.  Tough question.  My mother taught me never to turn my nose up at anything I’ve never tried.  There are only two foods that fit that description that I’ve never tried and would certainly have difficulty with because the very thought is disgusting to me.  Those two foods are tripe and tongue(shivers in disgust).   I can’t imagine why anyone would want to eat a cow’s guts (tripe) or it’s…well, it’s tongue.  It’s just…euch!  Now, if someone decided to serve either of these to me, I would, in deference to my mother, eat it to be polite.  Odds are, if someone is serving it to me, they have a tasty enough dish and they’re not just serving it to gross me out.

2. If you could be a literary character for one day, in that character’s world (not ours), whom would you choose?

I would probably pick Morwen, the witch from the Enchanted Forest series.  She’s very practical, short for a witch and lives in a house with loads of rooms and only two doors (how’s that for cool?).  She knows lots of magic (enough to be able to enchant her sleeves so that she can carry things in them) and people come to her for help and advice .  Plus she has nine cats.  I was raised in a house with loads of cats, so that last would be a lot like coming home.  The added bonus is that they seem to understand her when she talks to them.  That’s not part of the reason I’d like to be Morwen, though.  The rest of it is.

3. What person who was born before 1800 would you like to escort around our world for a week, if you could?

Read my husband’s answer.  My answer is the same as his.

4. Are you left-handed? Right-handed? Both?

I am right-handed.  Almost all my family is.  My son has already been mentioned.

5. If you have to go outside in heavy rain when you’re wearing very expensive new shoes and have no other footwear available to substitute, what do you do?

The answer to this question is complicated.  First of all, I don’t own any expensive shoes.  When I buy new shoes, I usually buy them cheaply, like at Walmart or Payless.  However, if I owned expensive new shoes and I had no other footwear to substitute and had to go outside in heavy rain, I would do one of three things:  A) borrow a pair of my husband’s shoes to wear as overshoes, B) go out barefoot (I have done this a time or two in the pouring rain) and carry the expensive shoes,  or C) go outside in the expensive shoes.  To my mind, shoes are shoes, expensive or not.  They’re meant to be worn to prevent the feet from getting cold, dirty or cut up.  Now, if my expensive shoes had to look nice when I got to where I was going, there’s a simple solution.  Bring a towel and wipe them dry when I got inside again.

6. What’s the food or drink that first pops into your mind when you think of your favorite holiday, and why?

When I first saw this question, the answer that “popped” into my mind was kringler.  That’s Danish for “cookies,” but we’re talking about some pretty special cookies that my family always made every Christmas.  They always smelled deliciously of cardamom, which was the main spice in the dough.  My mother would roll out the dough and cut it into diamond shapes with a little opening in the middle.  Then she’d bring the shapes to us kids at the dining table and we’d turn them, which involved taking one of the points of the diamond and pulling it carefully through the little opening so that they were wonderfully twisted in the middle.  When we were finished, the tray of turned cookies would go to my father, who would deep-fat fry them.  When they were golden brown, they’d go onto a plate with lots of paper towels on it so that they could drain and then, since we made so many of them, into a large paper grocery bag.  Then we’d send some to our extended family.  Sometimes, mom would dust them with powdered sugar, but we loved eating them plain.  The recipe is a family secret, or I’d post it here for you to try.  Anyway, that’s one of my favorite Christmas memories.

7. Do you yell at other drivers when you’re behind the wheel? If no, why not? — OR – If you don’t drive, do you ever yell at other people when you know they can’t hear you? If no, why not?

Most of the time, no.  I’ve caught myself yelling at other drivers when I’m driving from time to time, but mostly I mutter at them.  The main reason for this is pretty simple.  The other driver is in another car.  They can’t hear me anyway. 

8. What’s your least favorite day of the year and why?

I’ve never been fond of April Fool’s day.  Some people can go too far with their pranks and I’ve never been a fan of fooling people anyway.  That’s right alongside my objections to the schoolyard tradition on St. Patrick’s Day, where kids would pinch you, sometimes hard enough to bruise, if you weren’t wearing anything green.

9. How much starlight do you think you’d need in order to get a star burn?

Our sun, Sol, is classified by astronomers as a G2V main sequence star.  So, I think I could probably get a “star burn” on a hot summer day in about twenty minutes or so, give or take.

10. What do you do when you stub your toe so hard that it feels like you broke it?

I take it, from this question, that the author of this meme either, A) had this happen and/or B) never broke any limbs. 

If I stubbed my toe so hard that it felt like I broke it, I would probably go to the hospital, pronto.  Broken limbs don’t just hurt, like stubbed toes do.  They HURT!

11. How many blogs do you think there are on the internet?

I’ll answer this question with a question.  How many grains of sand do you think are in all the beaches in the world?  That many.