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Jak told me this morning that he thinks I should try to fold my story blog into the Ex-Vox Journal Jar blog.  He has often said that he thinks we should consolidate blogs, because, with so many blogs, our readership is too spread out and many of them couldn’t be bothered to read the longer posts, but just skim over the top page and then leave the rest.  I don’t know why I felt hurt by that.  I like my story blog.  I think of it as a place to share my creativity with the world, even if it’s just a small part.   I suggested cutting out the Ex-Vox Journal Jar blog.  Jak got hurt by that.  He’s invested lots of time into that blog and he doesn’t want to cut it either.  I think, in the end, if he manages to convince me that what he says is the truth, which he probably will, then the blog that will end up getting cut will probably be this one. 

The trouble is that I’m not sure whether I agree with him about consolidating blogs for the convenience of the readership or not.  If what Jak says is true and, since I generally write posts for myself and this blog is all about me and how I feel, then my needs could probably be served equally well with a good journal and a story file on my computer.  Then there would be no more Cimmy blogs and I would be just occasionally writing on the Journal Jar one.  

Honestly, though, I had no idea that people were complaining or anything.  Nobody complains to me, though I can’t help wondering if some of Jak’s family have been complaining to him about the length of some of my posts.  Jak has worked hard to try and bring more readers over to my blogs and it’s stopped bothering me that people don’t comment.    I had come to a realization that I was just sharing snippets of my life and my creativity with whoever wanted to read them and decided that the comments weren’t all that important.  Now, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or not.