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I’ve struggled under the weight of depression for so long that it’s like a being in a bright light to finally look at my beautiful home and see that it’s clean.  I just finished catching up on the dishes this morning and the only things left involve laundry and decluttering the house. Still, I feel very good that I’ve been able to get things this clean and keep them that way.  I even did my first full-house floor patrol.  As more surfaces become clutter free, floor patrol will become “house patrol,” where I go through the house and put away anything not in its place.  It’s also nice to be able to smile at that face in the mirror.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I’ve promised my daughter that I will purchase a new color ink cartridge for our computer, since the one we have isn’t printing properly anymore.  We found a graphic that a VALvE artist came up with as a Valentine’s card and a quotation that we liked and Princess wants to print up about thirty of these and address them to her classmates.  Unfortunately, Jon has chosen this afternoon to clean the air filter in the car, which must dry “naturally” and then be recharged by a spray of oil before being returned to the car.  So, needless to say, I haven’t left the house except to bring in the recycle bins and take out the last two bags of trash before the garbage truck came.

On a side note, I have the script for my third Story-Cast on my PDA and it’s just burning a hole in my mind there waiting for me to find time to attend to it.  Likely as not, given how much simpler things are now that most of the work is done and we’re down to mostly maintenance, I’ll be able to record and publish it to my story blog soon.  Jaklumen also recorded a story that I wrote and I’ve promised him that this will also be published soon.

Anyway, I’m expecting Boy to come home from school soon, so I should probably get off the computer now and go work on the laundry some more, not to mention other things not having anything whatsoever to do with household maintenance.

Toot toot.