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Time was that women were feminine.  We didn’t wear revealing clothing, because it would be inappropriate, and we could be attractive without it.  We could be soft and firm at the same time and still get our point across.  We didn’t have to behave like men.

So what happened?  Why is it that, since men no longer feel the need to be gracious and gentlemanly to women, that women no longer feel the need to be feminine?  Maybe I’m being a little unclear.

I’m not saying that women shouldn’t be in the workplace.  I’m not even saying that women shouldn’t be strong.  History is filled with strong women.  Nowadays, though, it seems like most women want to be men.  So I ask you, what’s wrong with being a woman?  Is it such a trial to be gentle and meek?  The Savior was, and he was male.  When did it become okay to lose touch with our femininity in order to move forward in the workplace or at home?  Is it really necessary for us to out-masculine the men?  Plus, we all agree that men should show more respect to women, but doesn’t that preclude women showing more respect to men?  Why is it that so many movies show women using sex as a means of getting their way?  We women have allowed that to take place.  You hear it all over.  A woman is in charge of a company in a movie?  You’ll hear male characters comment about how “she slept her way to the top.”  We have allowed that to take place by our inconsistent behavior and our increasing lack of femininity.

Elizabeth Blackwell was innately feminine and didn’t lose touch of that as she walked, firmly, into man’s world and became the first female doctor.  Oprah Winfrey, as far as I’ve ever seen, has never lost touch with her womanhood.  People have often praised Eleanor Roosevelt for her accomplishments, and she never lost sight of the fact that she was a woman, even if she wasn’t the most beautiful specimen.

So, what I want to know is this: what’s preventing us women from making our mark on society without losing track of the fact that we’re women?  Do we really think that femininity is such a negative thing?  Is sex really all we’re good for?  Do we really have to discard our womanhood in order to prove to demasculinized men and the fashion industry and the movie industry and every other money making industry on earth that this is not what women are about? 

I could go on, but I don’t have the time.   I have children and I have an innately feminine responsibility to them.

So, go on women!  Can you think of someone in history or today that you admire and that you think has managed to make her way in today’s world without losing her femininity or pandering to the oversexualization of society (famous or not)?  Name her in the comments section below and tell me why you admire her.  If, on the other hand, you think I’m wrong, I want to hear about it (Yes, I’m serious).