Snow Day 2012Yesterday, right around midnight the previous night, we were hit with our very first snow storm in this house.  Our news service Snow Day 2012said that we had 2 to 4 inches of snow by 6PM last night.  The kids, of course, were ecstatic and immediately went out and built a snow man in our back yard.  I felt like the yard was receiving its initiation as our yard.  I don’t know what it is about playing in snow that makes a place so undeniably yours.  The front yard remains untouched, like a huge, sparkly, white blanket.  I’ll admit, I’d been praying for snow.  I kept saying, “Lord, if you plan to have snow at all here in town this year, please make it enough that the kids, particularly my son, can go out and play in it.” Then we got this snowstorm and it was like Father said, “Is this enough snow for you?”  It was a mixed blessing, let me tell you, but I still didn’t forget to fall on my knees at night and thank Him for sending it.  I did ask for it, after all.

Snow Day 2012So anyway, now there’s snow.  We’re out past where the city busses run, so I’m uncertain if the city is ever going to send its plows this far to dig us out.  School bus service was very patchy.  Boy’s bus driver, who was having trouble, called to ask us if we could drive Boy to school.  I said, if there’s no bus, he doesn’t go.  So, after some disagreement over whether staying home would disrupt his routine too terribly much, he stayed home.  Princess, on the other hand, went to school, but her school was delayed two hours so I walked through the snowstorm with her to the school where she catches her shuttle bus and waited with her while she complained about the snow and the cold until her bus came.  jak was singularly unsympathetic.  He said she had an opportunity to get some boots for winter and passed it up.  When I got back, my shawl and hair were crusted with snow.  I sat at the computer for fifteen minutes with a towel around my shoulders while I thawed out.  Needless to say there was tired cheering last night around bedtime when we learned that school had been canceled for today.  So my kidlets and husband are all sleeping soundly this morning while I enjoy a little more of that sweet private time you get when you’re the only one who’s awake. 

We also have a fair crop of icicles all around the eaves of the house.  jak says it proves that this house isn’t as energy efficient as he’d hoped.  I still think they’re pretty and, in a way, they make this house more my home.    The news service says we can expect more snow tonight, though not as much, and freezing rain later today.  I’m not as excited about the freezing rain, as it’s likely to make the roads much more treacherous than 2-4 inches of snow could make them, but the snow is welcome, at least for now.