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Two weeks ago, we were in discussion with Boy’s  Primary teacher, Sister AN, about how to help him make it all the way through Primary.  Especially given that our LDS church service goes from 11AM to 2PM, which takes us right through lunch.  Generally, when we’re at home, Boy feeds himself when he’s hungry, a habit of his that I’m still trying to break him of.  At church, though, there’s no refrigerator for him to raid and he’s kept pretty much under constant supervision there, so there’s no opportunity for him to go eat, even if there was one.

Last week, after the aforementioned conversation with Sister AN, jak and I agreed to try and provide him with some food to eat during Sacrament meeting and during opening exercises in Primary.  Unfortunately, that means I end up missing Sunday School myself, but if I can help Boy get used to the idea of sitting still through an hour-long meeting, it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Last week, however, I made the mistake of bringing mostly snack foods.  I brought a fairly large bag and do you know he ate all of it.  This week, however, I deliberately bought lots of high-fiber foods that I knew he would eat and would fill him up.

Things like broccoli (yes, my son likes broccoli), carrots (see note by broccoli), grape tomatoes, apples, and almonds.  I also bought some bulk shredded wheat cereal, some meat and cheese and some granola bars (the least high in fiber of the lot).  I topped my list off with a loaf of whole wheat bread, a jar of creamy peanut butter and some mixed berry jam.  I spent the better part of an hour packing all of this up into zipper bags about a third the size of a sandwich bag and then packing the smaller bags into a large zipper bag and putting it all into the family’s Sunday bag, which holds all our activities meant to get us through Sacrament meeting, along with some of the things jak and I habitually bring to church regularly.

This time, Boy didn’t eat more than half of what I brought.  He did eat some of the broccoli but not all of it.  He didn’t like the almonds, so they didn’t get touched.  Still, at least, now I know what to pack for his lunch and in what amounts and I didn’t have any complaints about hunger from him this time.  I’m unsure how many more weeks this is likely to take.  He is usually okay once he heads to his class with Sister AN, but I’m nearly always late for Relief Society Meeting in the process.