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Nathgar and Cimmy

A while ago, the local WinCo began selling plush dragon dolls.  There were three options, Blue body with purple accents, green body with orange accents or red body with green accents.  You can guess which I picked.

I picked a name off the computer at the library using a dragon name generator that picks a name based off of your name, but I didn’t like the name mine generated, so I used jak’s and got Natgar.  I added an ‘H’ and the rest is history. 

When I brought him home, jak’s first reaction was that we needed to take a picture of him for my blog and, now that I’m at Word Press and everything, we decided to do that today. The picture to the left is, in jak’s and my opinion, the best of the lot. 

Princess helped me get over my crankiness by helping me get Boy dressed and by being willing to get up cheerfully even when I grouchily informed her that I didn’t have the energy to drag her out of bed this time so, if she didn’t get up, she would probably miss breakfast and likely miss her bus as well (it’s complicated).  I have to remember this for next time, because after we got Boy into his stroller and I walked Princess to the bridge that leads to the school where she eats breakfast and catches her bus, I felt better.  How about that!  I probably still need a nap, but I should be able to manage.

I’m currently working on the script for my “podcast” deal.  I’ll let you know when it’s up.