Before I begin with the news about my family, I feel the need to explain what’s going on with this blog.  It’s been pointed out to me that my readership is pitifully low, which it is, though I’m certain all sixteen of you are avid readers.  Also, due to your overwhelming support, I’m led to believe that much of what I write isn’t terribly interesting.  If you want more, I need to see more comments, guys, and comments from people other than my mother and my husband.  Don’t get me wrong, I value their opinions, but I need more from the rest of you, be it positive or negative.  I have to admit it, I don’t expect anyone I don’t already know personally to say anything, so if even one new person makes a new comment to one of my old posts, I’ll be surprised.

This week, my family has mostly been recovering from Christmas and looking forward to New Years Day.  I spent much of this Christmas sitting next to my mother-in-law’s mother and listening to her talk.  Now, you should know that my grandmother-in-law has sun downers, which is a form of Alzheimer’s disease.  That means that her short term memory is limited to about two minutes at a time.  What’s more, she’s worried about her weight her whole life.  She told me so, twice.  As a result, she asked me if I’d tried her Weight Watchers Peel-a-Pound Soup recipe because I’m way too heavy on ten separate occasions during the entire stay, which is a record for her.  Luckily, I was able to maintain patience, which was interesting, since Jak and his parents were both frustrated to no end about her.  In the end, we had a pretty good conversation about things she could remember, like what her Christmas was like when she was younger.  I enjoyed listening to her tell me what her family used to do for Christmas and wishing that things were still like that.  All in all, I’d say, though, that this was a visit that got cut off at exactly the right moment, just before any of the four of us could get too tired to be civil.

Once we were through with Christmas, the struggle was getting things clean again, getting the garbage out and, of course, trying to maintain it all.  Of course, when the garbage went out Monday morning, it was so full that we couldn’t get a single other thing in it.  It was a windy day, so, when Waste Management forgot to send the recycling truck our way, we were something less than pleased to find all our flattened cardboard blown down the street a ways. 

Boy is enjoying his vacation, although he still has difficulty accepting “no” for an answer and, if he wants something and you try to take it or won’t let him have it, he’s as likely to use his teeth on you as look at you.  Yesterday, he bit Princess so hard that he broke the skin.  There was no blood or anything, but she swears that the bite stung, so I made her wash it, we sprayed it with Bactine and put a bandage on it.  I am trying to teach Boy other ways to express his anger.  He also refuses to admit that we have gotten angry over things he’s done either to or with our things. Then again, if he wants something, he will insist that it’s his, regardless of whether it is or not.  If I send him to his room, he will insist that it’s not his room.  More often than not, his upset sentences, lately, will contain the word, “yet.”  At least he’s begun telling me when he’s hungry or thirsty, which, I suppose, is a concession.  Still, if you don’t respond immediately with the item he asks for in conjunction with that statement, his attitude isn’t good.  As I said, he hasn’t yet learned to take “no” for an answer.

Princess and her father are looking forward to the festivities of First Night this year.  Lately, they’ve taken to holding them at CBC and they begin as early as noon some years.  I’m told that this year they’re likely to have a bounce house.  We are probably going to keep Boy home again this year, since large crowds, bright lights and loud sounds tend to get him upset fairly quickly and First Night tends to have all of that.  I want him to be much further into civility before I agree to let him go with his father to First Night.

Princess, meanwhile, is enjoying her Christmas gifts.  I think, thus far, the all time favorite has been the electronics set my folks got her.  Princess and I work on that together and I repurposed a set of four rechargeable AA batteries for it.  The fun is setting a project up according to the schematic in the book and then turning it on to see if it will do what the instructions said it would.   Second up, though, would be the animatronic dog jak’s folks bought her.  That thing goes everywhere with her. 

The illness we’re going through is coming to an end, but it’s doing so kicking and screaming the whole way.  Jak and I are both tired of coughing up phlegm, jak especially, since he’s already in a considerable amount of pain and not just from his back.  His dentist had to do a root canal on two of his teeth and the second of these is giving him serious pain.  I think he might have been starting to get used to the pain in his back, though that’s unlikely.  The end result, anyway, is that he’s having a more difficult time than usual.

Finally, my doctors are still messing with my medication.  I told you before that they added a low dose of Ritalin to be taken three times a day to try to boost the effect of the meds I’m already taking.  Jak thinks, and I agree with him, that they probably haven’t got things right, yet.

Well, that’s all from the home front.  If I’m feeling good later today, maybe I’ll post a story in my story blog.