Welcome, Dragon fans and curious visitors, to another Saturday Reality Check.

This week, the kids both had their last school day of the year.  Boy had his on Tuesday and Princess had hers on Wednesday.  Both kids were excited to be home for the holidays.  I think I mentioned that we decorated the tree last week and I put up the nativity scene the week before that.  On Friday, I took a board that I’d bought to fix my bookcase and never used, screwed some leftover cup hooks into it and glued it to the mantle.  I’m assured by a friend of the family that it should come off with Goo Gone™, so we’ll be able to put it into the Christmas box and use it again next year, though it would be nice to be able to figure out how to weight it down well enough that it couldn’t be yanked off the mantle-piece by heavy Santa-filled stockings so that I didn’t have to glue it back into place next year.  Boy didn’t have a stocking of his own, so Princess graciously donated her handmade one and I wrote Boy’s name on it in gold glitter glue.  After four hours, it was ready to hang.  So, now, “all the stockings [are] hung by the chimney with care.”

Now that Princess is home for the holidays, she seems to be taking her opportunity to get sick, as she turned up with laryngitis late yesterday.  Most of the rest of us seem to be getting over it, though there’s still a lingering cough that’s bothersome to jak and me and generally only seems to turn up when we’re lying down trying to sleep.  Talk about irritating.

This week, as well, Nana dropped by with my aunt and a family friend to deliver some Christmas presents for the children.  We put them under the tree, only to learn that Boy hadn’t learned about Christmas presents, yet.  He had partially opened one of them before we were able to stop him, which we did by the simple expedient of putting them high up in our bedroom closet.  Then another friend arrived with two large boxes of gifts for the kids (donated by various sources unknown).  We put them in our bedroom and then made the mistake of leaving the door open, so boy went in and opened a few of them, some of which weren’t for him.  So I was obliged to rewrap all the ones that had been unwrapped.  Then, since I was wrapping presents, I wrapped all the ones I bought for the kids at the dollar store.  Next, on inspiration, I brought out all my gift wrapping supplies and asked the kids to help me wrap the ones I bought for jak.  Princess had charge of the ribbons and Boy had charge of the bows.  Once we had them wrapped, I asked Boy to put them under the tree and explained to him that, since these were gifts for other people, we couldn’t unwrap them.  Then I brought both kids into the bedroom and showed them the big boxes of gifts and told them these, too, were for other people.   Some were for Boy but, as he can’t read, yet, he didn’t know which were for him.  So he shouldn’t open any of those, either.  After that, I amused Boy by having him help me put the contents of the two boxes of presents under the tree, and they’re stacked pretty high. 

Christmas this year is on Sunday.  We’ve learned that our church is only holding Sacrament meeting this week and all the other meetings have been canceled, I’m guessing so that parents can encourage children to hurry home to open presents, but it could be so that families can spend the holiday together.  We plan to visit jak’s folks later in the day, as they have even more presents for us underneath their tree.  Also, Santa jak bought the stocking stuffers yesterday and asked me to hide them, which I did.  I’m uncertain whether or not he’s going to have cookies and milk, however.  The way things are looking, it may be muffins and milk, or even muffins and water, instead.  We’ll have to see. 

Well, that’s it.  I’m sorry that this is so long, but we had lots of news this time. If you made it this far, I congratulate you.  From Dragon’s Lair, that’s all she wrote this week.  Dragon and I will be back again next week with our Christmas semi-mash-up of the year.  Merry Christmas!