This week I spent sick as a dog and just as busy.  We emptied out the storage unit and now we’re busy trying to decide how much of it should go to donation and how much of it should go under the house. We’ve already decided that the plastic bins should go under, but I’ve been delaying doing so because, honestly, I don’t really like getting dirty.  Naturally, I’ll probably end up doing it today, just to get it out of the way. 

Boy has been refusing to ride the bus to school lately.  I’m grateful that he can use his words to express his desires, but he refuses to listen to me, or else doesn’t understand (I’m uncertain which), when I try to explain why he needs to catch the bus instead of driving in the car.  I understand that he wants to keep his mother with him as much as possible and I’ve been told that I can’t force him to ride the bus if he doesn’t want to ride it because they won’t take him.  In other Boy news, four nights ago, he had a real whopper of a nightmare.  Bad to the point that nothing I could do would convince him to calm down and go back to sleep.  So, on inspiration, I took him into the living room and we cuddled together until he fell asleep (which was about fifteen minutes later).  The next night, he had another nightmare and I heard him calling me, so I went to him.  Jaklumen (jak) was up, so I suppose I should probably have let him handle it, but I didn’t.  I immediately asked Boy if he’d like to go to the living room to cuddle.  Things went very well.  He didn’t fall asleep in my arms, but after a while, when I asked him if he’d like to go back to bed, he got up and went back to bed under his own steam.  He slept all the way through the night last night, when I decided to leave the bedroom light on.  Jak turned it off for me when he came to bed. 

Tonight, however, was slightly different.  When I awoke to cough at around 4 AM, Boy had his bedroom light on and was playing and laughing.  I went in, shut the light off and set up a kind of lightsaber whistle combo-light that glows blue for a nightlight.  He refused, however, to accept that I was tired.  He kept telling me that I didn’t want to go to bed and that I wasn’t tired.  He wanted to go sit in the living room with me.  He asked with words for that.  I asked him if he’d go back to bed if we did that and he said okay.  So we went, but he didn’t want to cuddle up.  He wanted to tell me about his “skeleton dream”.  I listened, which delighted him, and so he continued talking, most likely making things up as he went but I started losing patience because my head ached and my eyes were seriously heavy and I kept trying to go to sleep in the chair I was sitting in.  Boy wasn’t having any of that.  Finally, I told him that he was going back to bed, that I was tired and I was going back to bed.  He got into bed and I pulled the covers up around him.  As I left, however, he called me back one more time.  I went back and irritably told him that I was still sick, I needed to rest if I wanted to get better and he needed to rest, too.  So, I was going back to bed now, good night.  Then I left and shut the door behind me.  After I got back into bed with jak, I could hear him in there playing, but I was determined that, so long as he sounded happy and the lights stayed off, I would leave him alone.  Eventually, the noises stopped, so I can only assume that he fell back to sleep again.  As for me, I learned my lesson.  If he’s awake and seems happy, leave him alone.  He’ll fall back to sleep eventually. 

In the world of Princess, things are geeky and full of “Weird Al” Yankovic songs.  The other day, jak called the school district bus barn to try and negotiate another bus stop out of them.  They informed us that we were within a “walk zone” and told us the route other kids in our area were taking.  Princess and I went out that night and found it.  It took us all of twenty minutes at top speed to get back from the school once we found it.  So yesterday morning, I walked Princess down the same way and waited for the bus that shuttles her to her new school while she got her breakfast.  Then I asked her if she’d like to own a watch she could clip onto her backpack so that she’d be able to keep track of the time and I wouldn’t have to wait in the playground and scare the little kids who didn’t know who I was.  I was hoping to find one with an alarm on it that she could set to remind her to finish up breakfast and go catch the bus, but I was unable to find one with an alarm.  Princess seems thrilled enough just to have a watch of her own and, of course, when I bought it, Boy had to have a watch, too.  I asked Princess to tell about some of the things that have been happening to her in school this week.  Here she is:

Yesterday,  Mr. Porter came to our school.  Mr. Porter was from the PUD (Public Utility District).  He taught us all about electricity and how it worked in the 90’s. It was like children holding hands.  First, the switch. Next, the  giant battery.  Finally, one or more of these choices: 1. Light bulb,  2.  Generator,  3.  Bell-Alarm. Then, Mr. Porter asked us to do all three at the same time.  We didn’t have enough cords.  Mr. Porter gave us advice by saying that we should clip on two things with one cord.  Once we got all the things clipped on, the bell rang, the generator ran, and the light bulb flicked on.  After  we put everything away, Mr. Porter had to “make like a tree and leaf.”  <giggle> 

After Mr. Porter left, Mr. Pfliger came.  Mr. Pfliger taught all about point of view (POV).  That was his first lesson.  Now he’s teaching about rumors.  First, you have POV, then you want to spread it.  That’s how rumors start.  Some rumors can be viral videos, like Nyan Cat (except that Nyan Cat isn’t viral.  It’s public, but not viral).  Some rumors can be hurtful, like gossip.  To me, that’s the worst type of rumor.  He meant to bring this prop to describe rumors, but he forgot it.  Last time Mr. Pfliger visited my class, he pretended that he was really strong and threw an imaginary big rock into an imaginary pond, making lots of imaginary ripples.  He said that this was like a rumor, because rumors spread on and on, like a ripple.  Once you take the rumor out, the ripples have already been made.  You can’t take it back, like in the story of the gossipy lady and the bag of feathers.  Ask Mom to tell it to you.  It’s a good story. 

Another thing that happened this week was that I made a number of new friends.  Mom says I can’t use their names online.  The first one is a girl with blond hair, blue eyes with orange around the pupils and medium lips.  She has this colorful yarn and we are making dolls out of it by pulling them apart to get curly strands and cutting them into separate colored pieces.  Another girl friend of mine is helping us.  The dolls are named Midnight (blue), Meadow (green), Scarlett (red), Goldie (yellow) and Lavender (purple).  These are probably all color names and we are drawing the eyes for the dolls on their faces.  Their eye-expressions will be normal, dumbfounded, evil and angry.  We have already finished Midnight’s eyes and I have done Goldie’s normal eyes.  Another of my friends is a boy with light brown hair and blue eyes.  The reason he is my friend is because he’s a geek, like me, and he likes to make up parodies of Christmas songs, which make me laugh.  Another reason is that we both like playing “Tac Nayn: Destruction Nayn”.  It’s a game with rock music and you click on the other nyans (cats
, dogs, mice, etc) and they fall apart.  You can have lots of interesting weapons to destroy the other nyans faster, but if you miss one, you lose a life.  Mom doesn’t want me to list the weapons, so you’ll have to find the game and play it yourself.  My teacher is also my friend.  She’s not like any of the other teachers I’ve met because she likes hugs.  In any mood she’s in, she is always available for hugs.  If any waltz-ish music comes up on the radio, she sometimes dances with me, if none of the other students are there, yet.  When they do get there, she will say, “You missed the dancing.”  She is cool.  A certain other student usually turns up early to watch me and my teacher dance.

Jak has gotten worse.  We had to have priesthood blessings the day before yesterday because neither of us felt very good.  So far, only Princess has shown no signs of illness, yet.  Three of the four of us have deep, phlegmy coughs.  Gross, huh?  Jak and I are taking turns reading a couple of books that I may review sometime.  They are Verbal Judo and Iron John.  It’s mostly jak reading these books, but I am reading them also, just to get a good idea of what he’s learning from them.  Jak doesn’t read much fiction.  He’s more or less strictly a non-fiction type man.  He gets cranky if the newspaper isn’t delivered on time and he reads everything they write in it, regardless of whether he agrees with it or not.  If he doesn’t agree, he makes sure we know. 

Well, this has been a pretty long installment and, if you managed to make it this far, I’d like to congratulate you.  From Dragon’s Lair, that’s all she wrote this week.  Dragon and I will return on Monday with yet another music mash-up.  Until then.