This week jak and Boy were sick. It kept Boy home from both church and school, which was a challenge in and of itself.  Jak very thoughtfully stayed home with him Sunday, but he’s been underfoot all week this week because he refused to get on the bus.  I had to take him with me when I took Princess to her bus stop yesterday.  That was the day he wanted to “go on the bus.”  Unfortunately, Boy’s school isn’t open on Fridays.  So he would have been home anyway.  We spent a lot of time together.  Mostly, I spent my time trying to keep him out of trouble and from eating all the apples.  He has a habit of eating all the skin off of an apple, then dropping it or hiding it someplace and going to get another one.  Some days, I’ve had to sit sentry in the kitchen, just to keep him out of the food.

Boy is very determined and wants to do most things himself, even things he should let grown people do for him.  He has a positive knack for figuring out how to do them, too.  At the same time, though, he still requires help with getting dressed, since he will occasionally put his pants on backward and his shoes on the wrong feet.  I’m trying to teach him to tell us when he’d like to do things on his own.  Most times, though, he’ll just say, “You can’t ___!”  I just have to maintain patience and continue to tell him, “You can say, ‘I can do it myself,’” as if it was the first time every time, trusting that he’ll get it…eventually.

Both the kids are excited about Christmas.  Jak spent much of this week emptying out our storage unit, so the Christmas Tree, though not decorated, is up and the nativity scene is assembled.  I feel sorry for that poor nativity scene.  The cow is missing a horn and two of the wise men are headless.  Princess very thoughtfully made heads for them out of wadded up paper, so they don’t look too strange standing there with no heads.  However, I suppose we’ll just have to live with the fact that our cow is a unicorn. 

The Ward Christmas Party, to my mind, was a complete success.  We volunteered to fix some of the dressing for the meal, which was turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, green beans and red Jell-O.  As a result, we were able to arrive early and get settled so that Boy had time to acclimate to the crowds rather than having them sprung on him like they were during the Halloween Party.  Anyway, it was only toward the end, when it was getting on towards 8:30 that he started showing signs of being tired.  The Lord granted me some help in this instance, because I was able to convince him to come to the car with me so that he’d be out from under people’s feet while they were disassembling everything.  Both kids were excited about the prospect of meeting Santa Claus at this party (one of the members very thoughtfully dressed the part), especially since he came through early and shook all the kids’ hands and ho-ho-ho’d.  It was really cool.

Unfortunately, now that the boys are starting to get well, I think I may be coming down with whatever it was that they had.  Lucky me.

From Dragon’s Lair, that’s it for this week.  Dragon and I will be back with another marvelous mash-up for you folks on Monday.  See you then.