This morning, jaklumen asked me when I was finally going to get the kitchen clean so that I could begin breaking down our storage shelves and moving them to the crawl space beneath our house.  There are two sets of shelves that I’m talking about and they’re about six feet tall with five shelves each, but each of them can be broken down into three foot sections, one with two shelves and one with three.  Jaklumen had been pestering me to take them apart for a while, so, this morning, I got to work, emptied one set of those shelves and dismantled them.  Then, after moving the boxes off the access hatch to the crawlspace and locating our electric lantern and our step ladder (I’m fat and unwieldy.  Princess can get down that hole without the benefit of the ladder.  I can’t),  I went down under the house and proceeded to try and figure out how the shelves should look and where they should be situated.  Once I had that figured out (sorry, no picture this time),  I spent the better part of probably an hour in the dark, dusty, dirty underside of the house, setting the silly thing back up. 

Once jaklumen saw that the first set of shelves was finished, he began bringing me things to put on them; empty canning jars, home canned peaches and green tomato salsa, some cleansers and a number of #10 cans of food.  The kids helped, too.  I was starting to get tired of coughing and sneezing when jaklumen brought me three more glass jars – two canning jars and the large pickle jar we use in summer for making herbal sun tea.  Jaklumen handed me the pickle jar and one of the canning jars, but Boy snatched the other one and, all excited, shoved it at me, shattering it across my chest against the other two jars and spraying me with shards of glass of varying sizes. 

So far as I can remember, I’ve never had that happen to me before, so I was in some amount of shock, especially considering that some of the smaller pieces had fallen into my bosom.  Needless to say, two of my fingers were cut and I have a number of minor scratches on my chest.  I shed my clothing the minute I was out of the crawlspace and had the cover back in place.  Then I went, right away, and had a shower.  Jaklumen treated me by helping me wash my hair.  Frankly, I’d say things went pretty well for having come through this little adventure.  Considering what could have happened when that glass jar shattered (I don’t like to think about that too much), and the fact that I accomplished at least half of the project jaklumen wanted me to do, I’d say I have reason to feel tired, which I do.

Time for a break.  Hope your weekend is going smoothly.