This week has been mostly dealing with various psychiatric issues.  Jaklumen has had a particularly difficult week, what with handling flash-backs and such.  His therapist is trying to help him walk away from feeling triggered.  At the moment, however, it doesn’t seem to be working very well.  He’s also reading Verbal Judo.  Further, due to jaklumen’s desire to watch local news, we’ve connected up a converter box, which we’d like to connect up to our AV receiver so that, when watching TV, the sound would come through the speaker system instead of through the TV, not to mention better picture.  We’ve agreed, as a family, that the TV should be primarily used for this purpose (watching local news).  Find out more about what’s going on with jaklumen by reading his blog

Princess is doing her best to stay on top of things.  She’s been a big help to us in the area of keeping Boy out of trouble.  For some reason, she has this amazing ability to remain cheerful when the rest of us are stressing out.  She’s usually the one that will remind us about counting to ten or whatever it is that helps.  Unfortunately, both of us tend to take this as disrespect when we’re stressed out.  I’m trying to look at it as helpful, but it’s not easy.

Boy is making progress in the communications department.  He’s using more and more full sentences to express his needs.  However, we’re still having difficulties with his taking things he wants without asking.  This morning, he woke up with a cold.  Day before yesterday, he refused to get on the school bus.  I think the reason for this might be because of the newly connected up TV.  Slight changes just rock his world completely.  I’ve been taking pictures of things Boy does during the day and we’ve had 13 of these printed up and put into a photo album so that we can help Boy transition from one item in his routine to another.  We’re looking at having the pictures printed in wallet sizes so that we can put them on velcro and attach them to a wall poster, to be reorganized as needed.

Before I forget, we also got school pictures of the kids, this week.  Jaklumen’s folks paid for them, wasn’t that nice of them?  His parents already have copies, but I expect to be sending copies out to my folks sometime soon.

As for me, I’m still struggling to keep up with the housework and fight the occasional slip into the depressive hole that I keep falling into.  My psychiatrist is expected to put me onto a more specific antidepressant, along with the more general one I’m currently on, to combat these occasional lapses.  On the upside, though, my desk is clean.  We were searching for a piece of paper that jaklumen had to have and, inevitably, most of my desk’s contents fell on the floor.  It just seemed logical, at least to me, to go from there to putting garbage into its place and stuff that needed filing into its place.  Needless to say, Princess is thrilled.  She loves curling up on top of my desk.  She’s like a cat in that respect sometimes.  I should mention that we never found that paper, so jaklumen ended up getting a new one.

Well, I’d keep going but, since today is Saturday, I need to dig in and see how much of the house I can get clean before night time comes.  Jaklumen, of course, wants me to include the children in my frenzy of cleaning, which I will try to do, since, as a parent, so I’m told, I have a responsibility to teach my kids about cleaning up.  I’m still working on that part.  It’s hard to teach something you’re not good at yourself, yet.

So, that’s all for this week.  Thanks for reading and, as always, feel free to leave a comment or a request below, anonymously if you wish.  We’ll be back tomorrow with another cool Monday Morning Mash-up.  If I’m lucky, I might be able to find something holiday themed.  Who knows?  See you next week.