This week we mostly had the kids at home, since Thanksgiving week is also parent-teacher conference week.  Boy didn’t attend school at all this week, since we had early release, which means no PM school.  <sarcasm = on> I’m really looking forward to acclimating Boy into going back to school again for the few weeks preceding Christmas Break where, following New Years, we’ll have to go through it all over again.  Fun! <sarcasm = off>  Princess, on the other hand, spent some time on Monday surrounded by grown-ups intent on seeing her performance in school improve.  We even had the school counselor in on it.  I was fortunate, and blessed, to have an understanding of what was going through my daughter’s head at the time, so, in all, I’d say things went quite well.

For Thanksgiving, my folks, with whom we normally spend the holiday, were too tired to receive us this year, so we spent it with jaklumen’s folks instead (If you’d like more detail, read jaklumen’s blog).   We provided pumpkin pies and dinner rolls entirely from scratch.  The rolls were chewy but still good and the pie was so good that Boy ate much of it with his bare hands.  Needless to say he had to be disciplined, but I think we’re learning how best to handle that situation without a meltdown. 

For Black Friday (whatever that means), jaklumen took the kids to visit their cousins who live in town while I spent the time here at home and cleaned.  Now the master bedroom and family room floors are clear and the bathroom and both hallways are tidy.  We still have a long way to go as far as a completely tidy and organized home, but we’re getting there, step by careful step.  I am currently using the master bedroom as a staging area for the laundry until all the floors are clear enough that I can begin on it.  All things considered, I may just start a load this morning while I’m clearing the family room floor.  I plan to clean the kids bedrooms Monday and Tuesday afternoon while they are both in school.  For some reason things get cleaner faster when the kids aren’t in the house.  Once the floors are clear and the dishes and laundry caught up, I’ll begin to organize the countertops and other surfaces.  Jaklumen and I have agreed to move our metal shelving down into the crawl space beneath the house and move the pantry over, either into the corner or by the entryway hall, so our dining area has more space.  That’s going to be a project in itself.  Jak would like me to have Princess help out.  I confess, I’m bad at that.

On a more personal note, I finally met with my med-nurse, who is leaving this week, and we changed my medication just a tad.  I was taking just a straight generic form of Wellbutrin, but the nurse switched me to an extended release form so I won’t have to worry about forgetting to take a second dose during the day, which is a definite bonus. 

Well, that’s all from Dragon’s Lair this week.  We hope your Thanksgiving has been a wonderful one and Dragon and I will be back on Monday with yet another mash-up for you.  See you then.