My son, who will be four late in March, and I were at Walmart today buying various and sundry items for an art project when, out of the blue, my son says, “I want to go pee.”  I was stunned.  I thought I hadn’t heard him clearly.  So I said, “What did you say?”  “I want to go pee,” he repeated, clear as day.  “You need to use the potty?” I replied intelligently.  “I want to use the potty,” he repeated again.  I immediately turned the cart around, asking my son to please hold on until we got to the bathroom.  We went into the biggest stall in the ladies’ room and he climbed up and sat on the seat and I watched him go to the bathroom.  I just about freaked out, I was so excited!  He covered his ears when the toilet flushed itself and I held him while we watched the toilet empty itself.  Then I went and he held his ears again during the flush.  I think, while he was sitting, he thought he might poop in the potty as well, but it didn’t happen this time.  Since then, he has been very clearly saying what he wants.  “I want Samuel the Sheep,” means he wants to watch Charlotte’s Web.  “I want a snack,” means he wants some of the Scooby-doo fruit snacks we bought and, of course, “I want to go potty,” means he needs me to help him get his pants down.  He even brought me his potty seat when I didn’t respond right away.  True, he still needs to learn to add please, but just the fact that he’s telling me what he wants is such an improvement that I just wanted to tell the whole world!