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Yesterday, GeekDad posted a copy of Joe Stone’s latest work of art: The X-Men Family Tree.  Well, to be fair, it’s not so much a family tree as it is a diagram of how most of the X-Men characters are related to each other.  The silly thing has been reposted just about everywhere lately.  It’s the hottest thing since Harry Potter.  One of the places I found it (I can’t remember where right off the bat) said that eventually some nerd was going to come along and explain it all.  Well, I’m not a nerd.  I’m a geek.  So, just to be fair to the artist’s captions, I didn’t explain it “all”.  However, I did explain much of the rather annoyingly vague stuff and I put a name to each and every face.  Sadly, though, you’ll have to delve throughout the internet and, yes, into the realms of comic books to find them.  Still, I hope that many of you who found the graphic in its unaltered state will be able to use this to find the aforementioned comics.  Marvel.com and Comicvine.com are both good places to start looking.  So, here’s my revised version of the graphic.  The key to the green lines with the numbers on them can be found directly below the graphic.  Enjoy and, please, comment.

By the way, my comic-loving friends, I’m more than well aware that many of the X-Men are missing and several of the relationships are incomplete.  But, hey, the thing’s already complex.  Would you honestly want it to be more so?  On another note, if you're having difficulty reading the tiny writing on the graphic below, just click it to see a larger version in a pop-up window.  It's much bigger that way, I assure you.

X-Men Family Tree

  1. Xorn was brainwashed by Sublime into believing he was Magneto, in which guise he attacked the X-Men and was later killed.

  2. Mystique took Rogue in as her foster daughter after the girl ran away from a mob that wanted to kill her.

  3. At one point, Callisto decided she wanted to marry the most beautiful man in the world, so the Marauders kidnapped Angel. The X-Men came to his rescue, and, just as they were about to be defeated, Storm challenged Callisto to a battle to the death for leadership of the Marauders…and won.

  4. Gambit and Mr. Sinister have a lively past and have often worked together, beginning when Gambit asked Mr. Sinister to help him control his power.

  5. Following the apparent death of Jean Grey in the guise of the Phoenix, Mr. Sinister used a tissue sample that he stole from Jean to create her clone, Madelyn Prior.

  6. On Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse), Mr. Sinister took DNA from Cyclops, his foster son, and from Jean Grey, a captured X-Man, and bio-engineered a mutant to be named Nathan Grey (X-Man)

  7. Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse also have a fairly healthy relationship. To begin with, it was Apocalypse who transformed Dr. Nathaniel Essex into Mr. Sinister because, as Dr. Essex, he was obsessed with Darwin's theory of evolution.

  8. Following the crushing and subsequent unnecessary amputation of his wings, Angel was given artificial ones by Apocalypse, who recruited the now brainwashed mutant to be his Horseman of Death. Angel was eventually restored to his proper frame of mind, when he took the name Archangel.

  9. Following having the adamantium literally stripped from his body by Magneto, Wolverine agreed to fight with Sabretooth to decide which of them would serve Apocalypse as his next Horseman of Death…and won. Apocalypse then restored the adamantium to Wolverine's bones and brainwashed him into service.

  10. On Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse), Dr. Henry McCoy works for Apocalypse as one of his chief geneticists. Without Professor Xavier's guidance, McCoy has no restraints or morals and so earns himself the nickname “The Beast.”

  11. At some point following his arrival at Earth-616, Dark Beast managed to capture his alternate, Beast (or Beast-616 to prevent confusion). He then tried to destroy his entire past by killing off Beast-616's childhood friends and teachers and began to pretend to be Beast-616until the “Onslaught” story arc, when he joined Onslaught.  After that, Dark Beast worked with Beast-616 from time to time, though Beast-616 has never been fond of Dark Beast's complete lack of ethics.

  12. As with several of these relationships, Cable and Deadpool have a very busy past together, even teaming up on several different occasions. Their relationship began when Cable's powers went out of control and the X-Men, along with Deadpool, had to try and come up with a way to bring him back to reality. When they failed, Deadpool switched sides.


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