For a while, my husband and I were experiencing minor headaches with our 3 1/2 year old son.  Couldn’t seem to get him to sit on the potty and actually do anything.  I put up a chart and gave him stickers if we could manage to catch him right when he had to go, but he didn’t seem to be getting the message, you know?  I even tried shaming him a little, telling him that his collection of paper pull-up pants are actually diapers and asking him to pick between a pull-up diaper and a pair of cloth underpants with, say, Spider-man on the back.  Then, this afternoon, he’d just come home from preschool and I was getting ready to put him down for a nap when, wonder of wonders, he turned to me and said, “You help me goin’ the potty?”  I just about fell over.  At the time, we had about nine stickers on his chart.  So, I walked with him to the bathroom and helped him get his pants down and he sat on the potty and smiled at me and I could hear the trickle of water going into the little potty bucket.  So, I did the usual song and dance about his going pee in the potty and we put another sticker on the pee side of his chart and then we counted the stickers, all the way up to ten.  Then I said, “Ten stickers means we can go get ice-cream,” and he said, “I no want Ice-cream.  I want a sticker for my chart.”  I laughed and said, “We already put the sticker on your chart, see?”  I pointed to the new sticker, “And now we’re going to go get some ice cream and celebrate.”  Then he said, “Oh!  Ice cream!”  So we went to the local grocery store and bought a half-gallon of cheapoid, tin-roof sundae ice cream with a ribbon of chocolate syrup and chocolate coated peanuts in it and everyone except for Princess has had some in celebration.  (Princess will have hers when she gets home from school this afternoon.)  So, congratulations to the royal Prince!  He is learning to use the throne.