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Up ‘til now, the writing exercises at The Desk Drawer have been fairly straightforward.  The results have been more or less written in the real world.  I’ve been pretty happy with them.  All the comments I’ve been getting have been great.  Some of them have even made me feel really confident about my talents in the writing department.

The latest exercise, #13, is more than a little different.  I’m supposed to take a nonsense word and come up with a definition for it, pronunciation, usage, the works (I hope you don’t mind if I keep the word to myself for the time being).   Then, after I’ve done all that, I’m supposed to use it in a story.  I hope I don’t need to say how daunting I find the prospect of this particular exercise. 

Thinking about it, I imagine that the story will be something in the nature of Science Fiction.  After all, there’s bound to be lots there that nobody knows about, yet.  Still and all, I’m not sure if anything that I come up with will be any good.  Then again, I guess I’ll never know if I don’t try.  Right?