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We had a little bit of an adventure yesterday during all the hubbub and business of the first of the month.  My husband owns a swivel stool that he got in trade with his sister.  It's heavy and metal and the seat slides easily from the base.  I've told my son on several different occasions not to play on or near it.  Well, yesterday, while I was getting ready to go out to pay the rent, he pulled it down on top of him and it smacked him in the nose.  Instant nosebleed.  I pulled the stool off of him and reassembled it, then chivvied my son into the bathroom to clean him up.  Of course, he screamed and cried for a good deal of time.  So, in deference to the fact that he'd been hurt, I gave him his pacifier and cuddled him for a good fifteen minutes until he was calmer.    Any time he would sneeze, there would be both snot and more blood and he would cry again.  I remember that from when he smacked me in the nose with his head.  I tried to call it to his remembrance, but he didn't seem interested.  Eventually, I gave in, put him into the car and drove down to the KFC/A&W to buy him an ice-cream cone.  He really did calm down after that and I was able to complete my errands without further fuss.  He continued to both bleed and cry on and off all day.  I hope that he's learned his lesson.  However, he seems to be bidding fair toward following in his uncles' footsteps.

I remember my mother once told me that my second brother's face was practically held together with stitches.  Allow me to recount what few adventures of his that I remember:

  • At one point, my brother came to believe that, if he jumped from the roof of the house, he might fly.
  • Once, my first brother found some old iron pipe fittings my dad had left lying around.  He and my second brother used to use them as guns.  However, one day, he decided to throw one at my second brother, he said, to see if he could catch it.  Can you guess where it landed?

I can't seem to remember any others.   However, I do hope that my own son has more sense than that.  If he doesn't, I pray the Lord to help me be patient with him.