Hey, all.  I've been waiting for two weeks and they're finally here.  I'm talking, of course, about my new glasses.  I ordered them off of a reputable company on the internet called Zenni Optical.  This is company based out of California.  The glasses you can get from there are remarkably inexpensive, mainly because they outsource the lab work through China.  Now, I know that a number of you are going to get upset with me for helping US Capitalism exploit the poor people of China.  However, many of you who know me know that I receive very little money each month, not being able to hold down a steady, well-paying job, so it's necessary that I save every cent that I can.  

The glasses I bought are frame-less and cost me a little under thirty dollars.  The model I picked is, at the moment, the latest thing.  Another quote from a US factory puts 'em at $84, but the bridge and temples are metal.  The bridge (nose piece) and the temples (ear pieces) of my glasses are made of clear plastic so no hinges for a three-year-old boy to mess with (did I mention that my son has destroyed two or three pairs of my glasses?).  The temples kind of hug my head rather than just resting on my ears and nose. The whole idea is to give the illusion of not wearing any glasses, which they do, up to a point.  I'll try to take a picture of the glasses and myself wearing them and post them here later so that you can see what I mean.  What I like best is that they came in their own hard case.  Very nice.  It's great to be able to see properly again.

I'm due for another eye exam in the middle of next month and, since I'm on Medicaid, the state will dictate to me exactly which kind of glasses I'm allowed to have and then I don't get to have another eye exam for two more years.  Frankly, though, if my optometrist says I need new glasses, I may decide to buy a second pair from Zenni Optical and use the state funded pair as back-ups to keep in the car, in case the Zenni pair somehow get lost or wrecked.

UPDATE:  Here are the photographs that I promised you.
Cimmy in New Glasses 
New Glasses Front View
New Glasses Top View