I've been pretty busy today. Jak Jr. has been being evaluated for "special services" down at a place called the Keewaydin Discovery Center. They think, due to the fact that he has trouble with following directions, that he might be eligible for services there, which means, he'd be in preschool and I'd have more time to myself during the day for housework etc (particularly etc). Anyway, I spent about half the time with jaklumen, my husband, and the other half folding the three loads of clean laundry that have been sitting around waiting for me to get around to folding them. On the whole, I feel pretty good. I still have to make it a habit to do all of those pokey repetitive daily housework chores that I'm supposed to do.

Lastly, I spent about fifteen minutes on my WordPress blog deleting everything that didn't have anything to do with stories, movies or poetry. So, now I'm down to 14 items and the bulk of my imported Vox blog is here on TypePad. You're welcome to come visit me on WordPress. Just click the link near the bottom of the page.

Love and Peace to you all.