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I'm not sure many of you know this, but I've been playing D&D since I was twelve.  Before then, about once a week, my parents would have college boys over in our dining room and they would sit around the dining table and play while we kids watched (provided, of course, that we were really, really quiet).  A while ago, my husband and I began playing WoTC's newest version of D&D, Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition (D&D 4e).  We've been playing on and off with a friend (just the three of us, wish we had more players).  I was the Dungeon Master (DM), so I bought a bunch of modules to start off with.  

Anyway, recently I decided that, if I was going to be DM, I wanted to build my own world.  So I grabbed my daughter and the end roll of newsprint we got from the Tri-Cities Herald and we went across to the apartment office near where we live.  There we unrolled the paper and began drawing the shoreline, including islands and a single volcano.

So, if this were a real world (just for fun), the first part of its Genesis would read something like this:

  • Behold, the world was without form and void and it cost about a buck at the local newspaper office.
  • Behold, the gods turned on the lights and unrolled some of the void onto the floor and it had a tattered end at the bottom, so the gods folded that bit under.
  • Behold, the gods took a pair of pencils and divided the land from the water. And behold, there was much giggling, because one of the gods kept calling the bays "swimming pools".  Then the gods beheld the land, that it was good and all this took place on the first day.