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Yesterday, right before church, I was wearing my high-heeled sandals and walked into my children's not entirely clean room to procure a pair of extra pants for my son.  While I was in the room, I misstepped.  You know what they say, "The higher the heel, the farther the fall."  Well, maybe they don't say that, but let's just say that I fell and landed on my right hip.  I'm fat enough at this point that I'm sure I didn't break anything, but it sure does hurt!  I think I may have bruised one of the big muscles in my upper thigh.  Somehow, I managed to still make it through sacrament meeting but I was in so much pain after that, I called home and my husband, who wasn't feeling well, suggested I come home. I did and he gave me some acetaminophen and some ibuprofen and stayed with me on the bed while I waited for the pain to subside.  I went back to church and made it all the way through Relief Society Meeting and even drove home.  

Since then, my husband has been being so nice to me about it.  He even helped me into the shower this morning and has offered to drive me to a psychiatric appointment I had scheduled for today.  My hip and thigh both still hurt, particularly when I walk, sit or lie down.  Moving the leg side-to-side is pure agony without the aforementioned pain relievers.  Also, this whole business is giving me a very small idea of the amount of pain my husband is in all the time, now.  Pain relievers don't take the pain away completely, but they dim it down a whole lot.  More later.  I may even post a Journal Jar Question next time.