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You remember when I extolled to you the glories of making my own mixes from this book

Make-a-mix Cookery

Make-a-mix Cookery


Well, this evening, I made French Bread!  Totally cool.  Here's a photo of that!

Bus Tour 014

Bus Tour 014

Kids haven't tried it yet, but there's a good chance they'll like it and it'll be gone within the week!

Husband already likes it.  He's the one who insisted I blog about it.  

Incidentally, thanks to our ant problem, I decided to stash the bread in some old bread bags, carefully shaken out, just in case.  I may decide to put the loaves into the fridge to further discourage pests.

As always, questions and comments, both positive and negative, are encouraged, although I really can't see how you could say anything negative about home made French bread.  : 9'